The Group

About the Group

The team members participating in the program consist of individuals who are willing to participate in support activities for people with fewer opportunities to participate in sports activities and community activities and have already implemented projects in these areas. The project is expected to attract young people who face various difficulties in their integration into sports and society in general and will have the appropriate and motivation to study in this field. It also consists of people who will be active in the area and are willing to carry out these activities. During the project, they will use common training techniques such as group study, outdoor activities, role play, case analysis and presentations and outdoor activities. The project team has experience in such activities. They will provide technical support for the implementation of the project during the project process. In this way, this project will be somewhat successful. 

Each project team member will participate in the selection of participants and the trainer to determine compliance with the project requirements and prepare these participants for activities prior to making administrative adjustments prior to departure. Participants must complete the next steps planned after the project. The role of team members in the project is to prepare the participants in the project process in the best way before and during the project. They will also support preparation, implementation even after the project and during the evaluation. They will participate in the dissemination phases. As they gain experience in youth activities as partners or members, they are ready to support participants in the following stages of the project.

The group of young people who found the idea and organized it chose the organization Social Institute …….. to support them in order to help them in various procedural issues. The organization will apply for a grant from the European Solidarity Body. The role of the organization will be mainly administrative, to support the team in the administrative and financial tasks of the project life cycle. However, it can also provide support and guidance in identifying and documenting learning outcomes. The Institute for Social Innovation and Cohesion works to bring about social change for the benefit of citizens in the context of the development of local, regional and European society. It focuses on the promotion of equal learning opportunities, the promotion of human rights, the cultivation of entrepreneurship and the development of human skills, promotes intercultural dialogue, knowledge sharing and European awareness through the active participation of young and old in related to mobility, entrepreneurship education, professional and personal development. It is closely linked to various public and private bodies nationally and internationally, including NGOs, schools, universities, VET providers, municipalities, etc. As an organization it has extensive experience in the implementation, management, organization of European programs. The members of the organization are experienced in the field of European programs and count many participations and actions in voluntary programs. The specialization, experience and know-how of the executors will be a beneficial factor for the properly executed and accurate management of the project. The syllabus of the program is structured in such a way as to include experiential informal learning activities that allow youth participants to gradually understand the importance of equal opportunities for all people in a society. Specifically, the skills expected from the project are:

• Developing self-confidence and awareness of personal skills in the field of youth sports

• Prepare and encourage them to take an active part in sports

• Raise awareness of the local community on the issue of activating people with fewer opportunities in sport.

• Teaching methods to support participation in social activities and information on opportunities and strategies to support people with fewer opportunities.